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The following resources have been provided for your convenience.

Childbirth Education:                                                                                       

Sorrell’s Birth Services: Sorrell Bobrink ~ Private, In-home Classes


*Laudia Weber~ Hypnobirthing

Sacred Beginnings – Serra Wells
*Child birth educator, Yoga instructor, massage therapist.
Phone: (530)321-6477

Enloe Mother & Baby Education Center
Phone: (530)332-3970

Birth Doula Services:
Shae Lerner (831)277-0880
Sorrell Bobrink (650)990-8540
Postpartum Doula Services:
 Same as Birth Doulas
Placenta Encapsulation
Amber Eandi-Marinescu (530) 828-4737
Chiropractic: ICPA and Webster Certified
Lerner Chiropractic
Dr. Jeremy Lerner DC
 Chico Community Acupuncture
1815 Mangrove Ave. Chico
American Chi
Phone- 530-342-2895
Address- 1209 Esplanade,   Suite 1, Chico
The Pinwheel
740 Flume St. Chico
Chico Homeopathy
Marci Mearns
Chico Naturopathic Medicine
1351 Esplanade Chico
 Recommended Books For Labor/Birth:
by Grantly Dick-Read
by Pam England
Recommendations for VBAC information:
VBAC Jen Kamel -“Every person should have access to VBAC.”
ICAN’s Mission is to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.
Recommended Books For Breastfeeding:
Recommended Books For New Parents