Why Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Capsules provide many benefits to the postpartum mother.

Many mothers head into having a baby concerned about being one of the 15% effected by postpartum depression. Whats often overlooked is that many women experience the “Baby blues” the emotional roller coaster experienced after having a baby from about 4-21 days postpartum. The placenta not only helps to give nutrients to the baby in the womb it also takes over much of the hormone production for you and the baby throughout pregnancy.. When it leaves your body after birth, so do many of your hormones that you need to feel balanced and euphoric with your baby. After birth there is a period of time where hormone levels go from being three times the normal amount of hormones to below the amount one had before getting pregnant. It takes 6-12 weeks after the placenta leaves the body for the hypothalamus to fully regain its hormone producing function back. By getting your placenta encapsulated and taking the pills regularly after birth, you can supplement your hormones and minerals, fight fatigue, support lactation, help your body heal, and you can enjoy these precious first weeks with your baby and family the way it was meant to be!  All Women should know this fact so that they can give themselves a break postpartum, knowing that their body is having to re-learn how to function hormonally.

Baby Blues do not need to be such a hard part of postpartum recovery.

**The placenta capsules help to bridge the gap between when the placenta stops producing hormones to when the endocrine organs of the body get back to work.

**Natural Iron supplement- lessens postpartum depression and fatigue, not constipating like other iron supplements.



*** The capsules help women hormonally during the first three weeks postpartum by being taken regularly. After that women can take them as needed for anxiety, sluggishness, during transitions, grief and if they hold onto them they can even help decrease menopausal symptoms