The Process:

Placenta Encapsulation Specialists trained through the Placenta Benefits program pride themselves on providing placenta capsules that follow many protocols and guidelines. This is in order to comply with Traditional Chinese Medicine, OSHA food safety standards and the law in order to give our clients the best possible placenta capsules to help them through their postpartum recovery and help eliminate the “baby blues”.

If needed, sign a release form so that the hospital will give you your placenta.  It is illegal for anyone other than licensed funeral directors to transport human tissue which is why we ask that the placenta already be in your home when we get there. Have someone take your placenta home and put it into the refrigerator in the coldest spot. Within 4 hours of the birth make sure to contact me to schedule a time for me to come over.  US law states that consumable substances prepared for sale and intended for consumption must be made within the kitchen of the person consuming the product which is why we prepare the placenta in the mothers home.

By preparing the placenta with OSHA food safety standards, we ensure that the placenta does not take on bacteria during or after the encapsulation process, making sure that your placenta capsules are in the best state possible for consumption as well as the most beneficial.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that all conditions are considered “hot” or “cold”. Postnatal women are considered to have an excess of cold in the body which is why we steam cook the placenta before dehydrating as opposed to dehydrating the placenta raw so that the placenta has a warming/tonifying effect on the mom.

Once steamed, the placenta is cut into thin pieces and dehydrated for 8 hours, at this point it can be blended and put into capsules for consumption.

I will be in your home for about 2 hours to prepare the placenta for dehydration. I will leave the placenta in the dehydrator for about 8-10 hours and then I will return for about an hour to make the capsules.