Becoming a Doula

I first became a Postpartum Doula because I was nannying for newborns and wanted to know more about the services that I could provide to new families. How do I help this mom through through certain parenting struggles without adding more stress to her day? It was eye opening. I used to judge my siblings on their parenting decisions and I quickly learned there is NO right way to parent. There is only the right way for your family! I loved this work so much that I decided that I needed to become a birth doula as well. This gave me some anxiety because I had never given birth myself. How was I supposed to help women when I had not experienced childbirth firsthand?  After my training, I volunteered at San Francisco General Hospital and I realized that doulas are present to support women and are soothing reassurance to guide them through their journey through childbirth. I did not even have to speak the laboring woman’s first language to be able to help them. It was such a powerful experience and led me to my realization that I was in fact a birth junky and that this was the career path I was heading towards!!