Prenatal Fitness

When I was pregnant, I attended a prenatal fitness class much like the one I am providing.  The class was a great way to connect with other women in a similar stage of life in the same town. When I moved to Chico, I realized that there needed to be more prenatal and postpartum support classes and I felt like a prenatal fitness class that combined pregnancy safe fitness activity with a Q&A with other moms and myself (a birth doula and infant specialist) would fit the bill.

The fitness will combine light aerobics, muscle toning, abs and weight training in an easily modified workout. Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat and some 1-5 LB weights. (I find 2-3lbs will do the trick).

 Monthly classes are ongoing and run $80 per month (Based on a 4 week month with 8 classes @ $10)or $12 per session drop-in after the first week of the month.

Childcare will be provided for an additional $5 for 1 and $2 for each additional child.

We take cash, check or credit.